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Pet Health Insurance

For those of us who own animals and have taken them to the vet's office for one reason or another, we know just how quickly the costs of maintaining a pet add up.

Not only can the yearly physicals and immunizations be costly, but add in any unexpected injuries or illnesses and the costs can easily run into the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Most of us carry health insurance on ourselves and our family members for this very reason, so why not on our pets too?

There are many options available to you for pet insurance. Depending on the coverage you pick, the cost can vary just like in health insurance policies for humans. Let's go over a few of your options and just what they mean for you and your pet.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Like with our health insurance, different policies will cover different things. How much coverage you have will depend on what you want to spend. If you only want to cover injuries and medical emergencies, the coverage will be cheaper than if you wanted the whole package, including all well-pet check-ups and immunizations. There are policies that will only cover what is called catastrophic illnesses, like cancer. These policies can be quite cost effective for those on a budget and still give you some peace of mind knowing that if anything major happened, you would be able to have your pet treated. Some policies even offer you the option of having kennel coverage. If you travel a fair amount and your pet spends that time in the kennel, this may be an option that would work for you.

These policies will also work on the deductible set-up. How much of a deductible you choose will also affect the cost of the policy.

When Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Really, anytime you have a pet. Some may think that older pets that are prone to some of the aging medical issues are the only ones that need coverage, but that would be like covering your child only once they are no longer a toddler. That really doesn't make any sense. Young animals can also get sick and injured. As a matter of fact, some of the more serious and costly illnesses that animals are prone to occur when they are in their infancy.

Even if you keep your pet indoors, this doesn't protect them completely. Although outdoor pets are probably more likely to get injured, indoor pets are more likely to get into household poisons and other chemicals. And illnesses don't care if your pet is kept indoors or not.

Where To Get Pet Insurance?

Check out the Internet for a large array of pet insurance companies. These companies offer many different types of coverage for many different animals, not just the traditional dog or cat. Before you purchase one though, check with your veterinarian to make sure the company is reputable, the coverage is adequate and that the vet accepts that particular plan

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